Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 24

Whew, it's HOT out there today, folks! How am I going to keep on running this summer? 

Check it out, I ran a 7 minute mile today. 7 minute mile! WHAT??? My phone is saying 6:14 now, but when I was out running it read off to me 7 minutes, and that's almost believable. Almost. 


I ran 2.6 miles.

Mile 1: 7:44 min/mile (best so far! Until...)
Mile 2: 7:00 min/mile (WHAT!)
Mile 2.6: 7:52 min/mile (this was all uphill and I was getting tired.)

I really should be burning more calories than my phone says I did during a run like this. Do they even know how hard I'm pushing? LOL

Nic is wanting to go running now to prove he can run as fast as me. I am positive he's still faster. Especially if he were pushing as hard as I am, he'd probably be running 5 minute miles. :-)  But maybe now he will actually be able to bear running with me on the next 5K. Instead of finishing 20 minutes earlier than me (OK, maybe an exaggeration), or fast walking beside me (he insists he wasn't mocking me). 

Well, until tomorrow!

Happy Fitness

1 comment:

  1. Amazing!

    Your consistent effort has really paid off. That's a big life lesson right there. For all of us.

    I wonder what is possible if we approached music practice, reading, or prayer with the same attitude. What shall we try next?