Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 13

Who loves Mondays? I don't.

Well, usually they just seem like any other day of the week. Really! Today, though, I'm looking at four whole days with just me and the kids. Days and nights. I realized yesterday that I was subconsciously stressing out about it, when I just couldn't handle the littlest interruptions in my activities.

We can do this. Last time was *ahem* less than fun, but that doesn't have to dictate this week, right?

I decided to do my workout early this morning. And by early, I mean 8:30, or so. I know, crack of dawn. Hey, I had to get all three kids situated first. How'd that work for me? you might ask. I'll tell you. Squirt woke up when I was about 10 minutes into the workout. Bug was hitting me from behind, then rolling onto me, then whining at me that he couldn't see (the workout video) because he was behind me, then asking to be picked up mid-squats. Sunshine watched, argued and fought with Bug, cried about wanting play dough, etc.

I guess early isn't always best. And what I think is them being situated, really just means they need more of my attention. As I'm sitting here writing, Squirt is screaming for attention. But it's not a mad scream, she just likes to hear her voice. You have to watch her face to see if she's happy or mad, because the scream sounds exactly the same. Lovely, right? It sure gets old, fast.

I did the Turbo Sculpt workout video today. So 40 minutes, or so. That one is becoming a favorite. It's slow, really works, and I can actually follow it.

Maybe tomorrow I can get on the treadmill while Sunshine and Bug are at preschool. It may be my only chance for running this week.

Until then:

Happy Fitness!

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