Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 3

Hello, fellow fitness seekers!

Once again, a not-so-creative post title. Today just wasn't the day for creativity.

I mentioned in yesterday's post about the vertigo that came on that morning. It happened twice in the morning, and I believe I said it's been a year since I've had any episodes. Looking back (at my expired medications), in reality it has been almost two years. Time sure does fly when you are busy!

So, after the two morning episodes, I went and picked up my kids, brought them home for lunch and quiet time.  I laid down with them for quiet time, and was hit again. Twice. And then I just couldn't get it to stop, and I was suffering from motion sickness. I actually had to ask my husband to come home early from work to help with the kids, supper, etc. It was miserable.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, who has also suffered with vertigo, I got a patch that is supposed to help reduce the vertigo and motion sickness. This was after taking some of my expired medication.

I was afraid to lay down, because that's the most common time that I get hit. But I did, I could only lay on one side, though, which makes for a very difficult night's sleep. And I was could I do a simple 20 minutes of fitness with this hanging over me?

When I woke up this morning, I was still very unsteady. I had to hang onto the bed, walls, etc. in order to walk anywhere in the house. Gradually it has become less obnoxious, but still there.

I knew that I should not try to run on the treadmill in my current state. So I have agonized all day: do I skip day 3, or what exercise can I do like this?

I decided that I did not want to skip day 3. So I pulled out an old exercise video I have, Turbo Jam, and did the "learn & burn" segment, which goes about 25 minutes.

Sunshine and Bug were watching. I'm sure it was a very amusing show. I don't have any rhythm. (White girls can't dance? - Totally true for me!) I felt less accomplished with this workout than I would running (on the treadmill or outside), but I do feel it was worthwhile. I didn't miss a day (yet), and I'm sure there is some benefit. We'll call it cross training.

Now that the humiliation is done for the day, thanks for reading!

Happy Fitness!

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