Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 11

Feeling good on this Friday morning!

How about you?

I just finished the Turbo Jam 20-Minute Workout. Sunshine was calling it a Burnout. I wouldn't say that. I think after this many days of completing it, I'm getting better, and have more stamina through the workout. That's nice to see!

I wanted to do the Turbo Sculpt, but I figured I shouldn't since I did that yesterday.

Maybe Sunday I'll be able to go running again. Sunshine wants to run with me sometime, and I would like to take her out and see how far she can make it on her 4-year-old legs. It could be fun. Maybe the short loop around the neighborhood.

I'm glad it's Friday, anybody else? I hope Bug's fever is gone for good, because I'd like to make it to church tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my rest day, so until Sunday:

Happy Fitness!

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