Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 7

Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day.

I have to be honest, this vertigo is kicking my butt. And seven days of it is really wearing me down. But this isn't a medical journal, is it? The way my symptoms started the day after I began this challenge, you'd think it was. 

This morning felt like a circus in my house, one I attended, or even directed, all in a fog. That's what a week of dizziness has done to my brain. I have about an hour in the afternoon each day that I feel like I can get something done. But that's not enough to run a household, is it?

The refrigerator repair technician arrived, just at the same time my two children decided to disrobe, and run around the house, while I tried relentlessly to corral them back to some place of privacy and convince them to get their clothes back on. He ignored it all, thankfully, and went right to work. I now have a working refrigerator again (it was an embarrassingly-easy fix), and I've been slowly working on cleaning it, and re-claiming my counter space from the lost food items and refrigerator shelves. I now have a sparkling-clean refrigerator, and very little food. 

On to the point of this little post, though. With my foggy brain, and my circus morning, I didn't have the time in the morning to get a workout in. So that had to wait until the kids were done with their quiet time. Which is when I was going to run an errand. Oh, but why do today what I can put off until tomorrow? Or the next day. 

As I'm still unsteady and foggy, I opted to do a workout video again instead of running. I did the 20-Minute workout on the Turbo Jam video. I should be getting pretty good at it by now, but I still fumble around. Oh well, my heart rate was up and I was sweating, all signs of an effective workout.

And that errand? I suppose it can wait a day or two. I just hope I have a bit more clarity by then. 

Well, until next time:

Happy Fitness!

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