Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 6

Hello, Fellow Fitness Seekers,

Are you getting tired of that line yet? I think I may be. I'll have to try something else out on you tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there reading this!

So where to begin today? This was certainly a challenging day, on multiple counts. Not horrendous, but challenging, nonetheless.

Yesterday at church, I was approached by a PT friend who had been reading my updates regarding this fitness challenge. She offered a treatment for the vertigo, if I would like to try it out. So we did that today. I'd prefer a treatment like that over taking pills all the time, so it's worth a shot. I should know by 48 hours whether it worked or not.

And hey, at least I know someone is reading these things!

After the treatment, she said I should keep my workout low key today. No running, bending over, etc. Speed walking should be good, she said. So I went for a walk. But I made one big mistake: I took all three kids. While we did walk for about 20 minutes, I can't say that I got any exercise. Unless exercising my patience would count for this challenge, and I decided it does not.

So I brought them home, and went out again. Now, I've never really figured out how to speed walk. You would think I would have this down, since I grew up with a Dad that was 6'6", and I have a 6'5" husband. I really should be used to walking fast. But I can't claim to be. I did my best, and I did feel like I got some benefit from it. But I have to say, I would rather run.

Along with today, I got some exercise in last evening. We didn't have enough people to play volleyball, but the three of us "warmed up" anyway. And I was quite warm by the time we finished. And it was fun. Bonus!

Well, day 6 is done. Only 34 more days to go.

Happy Fitness!

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