Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 20

I made it halfway! And it's great!

I did Turbo Sculpt today. I'm keeping up better and better, even with children interrupting me. Ha! It's true, though. They think I'm completely ignoring them when I'm working out, but I'm just focusing enough that it takes me a couple of "mommy's" to figure out a little is talking to me. And trust me, the first one may be nice and sweet, but it escalates from there to hysteria by the second one.

Anyway, later I decided to work on the moves for the line dancing video. I think I'll need to do that a few more times before I'm comfortable trying the actual workout. It's a bit complicated for this simpleton.

Well, Squirt is calling, and Sunshine isn't answering, so I need to sign off for another day.

Here's to halfway!

Happy Fitness!

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