Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 18

Whoa. Just to warn you, I'm going to yell in excitement with all caps for a minute.


This morning I had the most awesome experience of this whole challenge! I can't even believe it, still. I did something today that I thought, even this morning, would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to EVER do, even in years and years of fitness training. 

I ran 2.67 miles. All of it under 8 minutes per mile. UNDER 8 MINUTES PER MILE, Y'ALL! It was the most amazing experience, ever. You can't tell that I'm really excited, can you? Even hours later. 

Let me tell you something. My normal time is somewhere around 12 minutes per mile. Yeah, I shaved off MORE THAN 4 MINUTES PER MILE. WHAT???


And I didn't even have this as a goal. Not even close. I hoped to someday, after years of running, get to running a 10-minute mile. That would have been fast for me. Let me break it down for you:

Mile 1: 7:22 min/mile
Mile 2: 7:47 min/mile
Mile 3 (actually .67 of a mile): 6:27 (WHAT?) min/mile

Never, in my wildest dreams.

You know the best part? Yes, I was pushing, and I was tired. But I could have kept going. It was actually sustainable, for a while. I wasn't dying. I didn't even have a side stitch (thanks to some breathing techniques I learned from Runner's World Magazine). I was out of breath, my heart rate was up, but I was smiling, and even laughing, because this was amazing!

OK, now you've heard my excitement. I still can't believe it. I'm stunned!

Now, on to be a productive member of my family today. 

Until tomorrow (who knows what tomorrow will bring?):

Happy Fitness!

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