Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 12

I never know how to start these things. So I'm going to just jump right in.

Today, I got to run again. Outside. Just a taste before I'm confined to working out in the house (or treadmill in the garage) for another week. It sure felt good. Hard, hot, dusty, but good. 

I took Sunshine out with me at first. She did pretty good for a 4-year old! With a little more practice, I would take her on my next 5K. As long as I didn't expect to run the whole time, and it was a pretty easy course. She is only four, after all. We didn't go all that far (maybe a half mile or less), and she got to experience some first-time runner symptoms. Like an achy jaw. We only walked for a very short distance, and she was able to run the rest. 

After I dropped her off at home, I went out for another mile. Just a loop around my neighborhood, which if I go all the way up the hill on the gravel/dirt road, is exactly one mile. So, you may have guessed this, but I'm slow. My pace was 11:06 for the mile. Actually, that's pretty good for me. Um, yeah. Slow. I need the "Slow Runners Make Fast Runners Look Good: You're Welcome" shirt. There are a few others that would describe me well, too, but one at a time is fine. Ha!

When I got back home after that mile, Bug wanted to go out. We ran around the nearby cul-de-sac. I wouldn't take him on a 5K. He didn't make it very far, and though he was "not tired", he wanted to be picked up. I refused. Give him another year or two, yet.

Another day, another good workout. I'm so glad I'm feeling better. I still could use some more energy, but who couldn't? Except the kiddos. Don't give them any more.

Until next time:

Happy Fitness!

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