Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 37

The challenge continues. And it's almost done.

I've been busy today, and yet my house is messier than ever. Remember my IKEA trip from yesterday? I bought 12 pieces of furniture (not counting the kids' chairs that Nic put together last night while I was working out), and all of them need major assembly. I put together one of them today. One. Granted, it was probably the most complicated of the 12. Although the four dressers might give it a run for its money. So for the hours that I was getting that filing cabinet put together, what were the kids doing? Well, lets just say, this house needs some major work now. And I'm not nearly done.

But I did take a 20-minute break to do a cardio workout. Now I'm too had and sweaty to do anything else. It almost feels counter-productive. And yet, I need to continue.

Well, I'm off to do damage control. If I can figure out where to start.

Until tomorrow:

Happy Fitness!

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