Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 30

Up bright and early, folks, because I'm heading out of town and I didn't know when I'd be back to do a workout. Better safe than sorry.

Remember I don't like to run early in the morning? Still true.

Should I count the reasons? They really just came to me this morning.

1. My mouth and throat are DRY, despite having just drank about 16 oz of water right before running.
2. My muscles and joints are SO sore when I wake up in the morning. Yes, it's a problem for running.
3. I'm hungry. Yes, I thought about this before the run, and then completely forgot to do something about it.
4. I'm not really a person that early in the morning.

There may be more reasons, these are the ones I discovered this morning.

However, there are some redeeming qualities about running early.

1. It's not terribly hot (the applies to summer only!). Although, I say that, but I'm sitting here literally dripping in sweat. Hm.
2. The shade still covers enough of the road to cool you down.
3. Lots of people have sprinklers running this time of day.
4. It's more quiet, and less traffic.

Other reasons I had a hard time today, mainly just one. Remember that rib that went out last Sunday? I couldn't get a deep enough breath today. It hurt too bad, so all my breathing was pretty shallow.

So how did I do today? Slower. I'm sure you were expecting that.

My pace averaged 10.26 min/mile.

And I'm a little bummed, because I now believe (as I kind of suspected) that the last few times I ran with a really fast pace was not really correct. The app wasn't working correctly, I believe, and was not calculating the correct distance. Today it calculated that same route as being half a mile shorter than it was reporting before. Therefore, my time could not be quite as awesome as it was telling me.

However, even though I was slower today, I still ran a better pace than pre-fitness-challenge. So happy face once again! :-)

Well, have a great Sunday, and until tomorrow:

Happy Fitness!

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