Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 26

It's a bit of a down day. This week seems like that, a little. I'm still in considerable pain from my "dislocated" rib (for lack of a proper diagnosis). So for cardio today I did just the 20-minute workout on Turbo Jam. It's easy, doesn't strain the rib area, and can mostly follow it now, even with no sound. Which I did today, because I chose to do it during quiet time.

That's not to say the kids were completely unaware that I was doing a "workup" (as Bug puts it). They did come out and see that I was doing it. But I sent them back to quiet time. They aren't being quiet. But I still get a little break. So what if they're tired later? I will be, too.

Well, short post today. Not much I feel I have to say. I sure hope I'm feeling better soon, I prefer the longer, more intense workouts these days. But this one did make me sweat, so there are no complaints.

I'm seeing results, so this challenge is good for me. Even if the only result is that I can run faster. How cool is that? I hope I see others, as well, though.

So, until tomorrow:

Happy Fitness!

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