Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 29

Turbo Sculpt seems to be getting harder. I guess my muscles need a bit of a break. But I'm so happy to say, they are there. The muscles, I mean.

Sunshine did about 7.5 minutes with me, then she was too tired to go on. Bug did about the same, but not really doing the exercises. It's pretty cute to watch them figuring it out, and I got them each a set of 2 lb weights, so they enjoy doing it, too. In fact, they ask for this one more now.

Squirt slept through the workout, but just barely.  She's heating up my lap as I type, which is not really appreciated, since I'm already dripping sweat. But that's where she's happiest, these days. Although since she rolls over, she happily lays on the floor for good chunks of time, as well. Oh, who am I kidding? She's happy just about anywhere she is. Unlike...well, I won't mention names. Too many to count, I think. Me included, maybe. Oops, just got too personal. Ha!

Well, I'm off to try cooling down while Sunshine and Bug have some "quiet" time. If you know how to teach quiet time to preschoolers, please, by all means, tell me the secret.

Until Sunday:

Happy Fitness!

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