Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 31

No, I did not skip exercising yesterday. I just didn't get to blog about it, because our internet is S.L.O.W. Also, the blogger website was just not loading at all. Yes, I probably could have written a post on my phone, but that's just not really fun.

Anyway, it wasn't all that exciting. I did the 20-minute cardio workout on Turbo Jam. I was feeling REALLY lazy, and didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch. Instead, I got up to do a workout.

By the time I got into it, I actually felt like I had the energy to finish. And it helped my energy the rest of the day, I think. Not that I had a lot, but I didn't stay on the couch! :-)

So, lesson learned: sometimes you just have to force yourself to get up and do it. Of course, I knew this, but I wasn't expecting to have more energy once I did. I really, really did not want to work out yesterday, but so glad I did!

Well, I'll have another post later after I do my workout today. As it stands right now, that will probably be in the afternoon, since I have several errands to run in the few hours the bigger kids are at preschool today.

So, until later today:

Happy Fitness!

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