Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 28

Getting closer!

Today I did the Country Line Dance workout video. I think I followed it better today, and it's only the second time I've done it. Not bad! I don't feel like I worked that hard, and yet I'm very sweaty. So there's at least an indication that it is working something. Even if it's just cardio, which of course is very important. They consider it a lot of leg work, but I guess after doing Turbo Sculpt almost every other day, it doesn't feel like leg work at all. But the cardio is still good. And it's fun!

The days are getting hotter, and I am going to be struggling more to continue working out. It's just too warm, and I overheat easily. And yet, mornings aren't good for me either because I just don't feel good getting up early and working out. I've got to find a balance, somehow. I'm still thinking on it.

Well, until tomorrow:

Happy Fitness!

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