Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 32

I'm baaaack!

Today was time for more Turbo Sculpt. Wow, I'm feeling the burn. Which is good. I also am feeling my muscles beginning to form and get stronger. It feels so nice to know my muscles can get stronger. That sounds kind of dumb, like "duh, don't you already know that?" I know, I'm a little slow to this fitness game. I have to experience things for myself.

The kiddos did the workout with me. Well, the beginning and the end. It's much nicer when they do it with me, instead of fighting or being under foot the whole time. And Squirt slept, so that helps a great deal as well.

I think that I have few words today. I find I have less and less to say as the days go by. Otherwise I'm just repeating a lot. But it's important that I write it, because it keeps me going. Although this far in, I do feel like I've begun developing a habit, which is the whole point. A healthy habit.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! It'll be over soon. :-)

Until tomorrow:

Happy Fitness!

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